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My Name is Ghoni

I'm a Web Developer with 1 years experience. My role on Back-end Developer, but i'm know about JavaScript and CSS Framework. I study on Malang State University, my hobby is reading and watch a anime.

My Skills
Bootstrap 4 & Tailwind CSS
PHP with Codeigniter 3

My Service

With the ability that I have, I can work on several projects and solve your problems.

Design Your Website
Make your website be more better and modern with css framework Bootstrap or Tailwind and my knowled about CSS .
Build System Information
Tell us what system you want, what problems there are, and we are ready to provide a solution!
Build Your Dream
Build your dreams, talk about the web like what you want. We are ready to give the best for you.

My Portofolio

Literasi Bahagia
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Literasi Bahagia
Website KTI-A MTQMN 2019

A website to measure people's happiness with certain theory and share article about happiness on Al-Qur'an. This website was built with Codeignter 3 ( HMVC Structure ), CSS Bootstrap 4, and JQuery.

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System Information Cows UNISKA - Kediri

Web information system for managing cow data in a district by students at the Islamic University of Kediri. This information system was build with Codeigniter 3, Bootstrap 4, Jquery, and Datatables.

Literasi Bahagia
Literasi Bahagia
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API Liburan Anak
REST API for mobile applications Liburananak.com

This REST Server API is built for use by Liburananak mobile applications. This REST API was built using Codeigniter 3 RESTFULL API and Postman as a testing.

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Contact me if you need help or just want to share your story with me, please send a message via the form below